Pie and Beer Day and Mormon Music Videos

July 24th is an official state holiday in Utah known as “Pioneer Day”. Pioneer Day celebrates the anniversary of the founding of Salt Lake City when Brigham Young and the first Mormon pioneers settled the Salt Lake Valley. Each year it is celebrated with a rodeo, parade, and of course lots of fireworks. However, due to the strong ties to the LDS religion, it is often considered to be a religious holiday and not inclusive of much of the Salt Lake City community that isn’t LDS. When you see the music videos with lines such as “Piercings, tattoos, coffee in the morning | short skirts, curse words, no missions or good works” referring to non-Mormons, it is easy to see how the two groups may not always see eye-to-eye on everything.

Not to fear though, because the gentiles have created their own version of Pioneer Day known as Pie and Beer Day. That’s right, a day-long celebration of Pie and Beer, basically the world’s greatest holiday. Some people celebrate at home with groups of friends, take their pie and beer outside, or visit one of the many local bars and restaurants that have their own Pie and Beer Day specials. So grab some pie, pour some beer, and enjoy another one of these hilarious Mormon music videos.

Happy Pie and Beer Day!

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