Memorial Day Camping in Escalante Utah

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be able to spend a fantastic Memorial Day weekend camping in Escalante, Utah with some very good friends. I was also able to make a new friend as well. The weather cooperated way better than the weather forecasters had predicted, and we were able to hike all weekend while barely getting wet at all. The cool, cloudy weather made it very pleasant indeed. On Saturday, we ventured down the famous Hole In The Rock Road to Devil’s Garden, where we explored the arch formations and hoodoos there. We then made the three mile hike up to Lower Calf Creek Falls, which is consistently named one of the best waterfalls in the¬†southwest and even all of the US. It is easy to see why once you reach this beautiful oasis.

Lower Calf Creek Falls

Sunday we made a change of pace, heading up into elevation to hike along part of the Great Western Trail and take in the serene views of cold mountain lakes. We hiked the entire day without encountering anyone else on the trail in this remote destination about an hour’s drive from Escalante. There is nothing quite like the peace that you experience when sitting in solitude next to a calm, reflective lake in the mountains.

Calf Creek Falls Trail in Escalante Utah

On Memorial Day, we decided to make a stop at Bryce Canyon National Park on our way back from the Grand Staircase in Escalante Utah. We weren’t sure how crowded the park would be on a national holiday, but the threat of rain may have deterred many because the crowds weren’t bad at all. The views of Bryce Canyon are absolutely gorgeous, and well worth a visit any time that you are in the Escalante area.

Bryce Canyon National Park  near Inspiration Point
Bryce Canyon National Park
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