First Day of School

This morning I am starting school again, starting on the journey of┬ámy 18th year of education. We have done the meet and greet with all my new classmates – 13 others to make 14 of us total. Everything is so far so good, and it sounds like I’ve made a decision I’m going to be happy with, doing a competency based strategic communications program. After a lot of research, it was the best program I found for my needs, and it turns out that the only competency based program utilizing real world projects west of the Mississippi. And it is basically in my backyard, only 4 blocks from my apartment.

It is a little nerve-wracking to be starting a new program, but everyone I have met and talked to is super nice and friendly, and I’m looking forward to learning from everyone and networking. As for the benefits of the program itself, I really like the idea of competency over graded assessment, and being able to resubmit everything until all goals are achieved, rather than being stuck with whatever grade you received first and then moving on without mastery of that topic.

This afternoon we’ll get assigned teams that we’ll be working with for the rest of the 18-month program, so time to get a bit nervous all over again.

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