By Mike Nay

Hooray for Utah Sports

As a sports fan, I have been thrilled with my experience adopting the University of Utah as my home team for many sporting events such as football and basketball. This past weekend, I was able to attend one of my new favorite sports to watch along with a sellout crowd that filled the Huntsman Center to the brim. Utah gymnastics had a record crowd of over 16,000 fans on hand for senior night to watch the Utah Red Rocks gymnastics team steamroll a talented Michigan squad in a result that was never in doubt. Utah gymnastics has a huge following and is an extremely successful program, having never missed the national championship tournament, acquiring 10 championship trophies over the 30 years of existence, and consistently being the top-attended women’s program of any collegiate sport. It is impressive to me to realize that the gymnastics team just had a bigger turnout for one meet than Tulane football had cumulative for all of their home games in a season.

Utah certainly puts on a fantastic show, and the fans rightfully enjoy the experience and get into it. One of my favorite moments of the evening was the “Simba Cam”, where parents hold up their small children in a Pride Rock fashion for the cameras to zoom in on. The Pac 12 championship is coming up in a few days, and hopefully Utah can bring home another championship. Go Utes!

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A Few Pictures From My New Apartment

Like any older apartment, mine certainly has its unique quirks, but I have started to make it my own and it is growing on me. Here are a few pictures from the setup I have so far. There is still a lot to do (and IKEA furniture to build), but I am really looking forward to living here for the next year.


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Real Salt Lake Season Opener

It’s an exciting time here in Salt Lake as RSL begins the 2015 campaign. We’re missing a few familiar faces such as the bearded Borchers this season, but it will be fun to watch the new talent develop. The first game was an exciting one, but we needed to rely on our defense and Rimando far too much and had little offense to show. Hopefully this will change next week for the first game of the season at the RioT. I am excited to have season tickets for the first time and look forward to attending many Real Salt Lake games this year.

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Settling In To My New Apartment

So moving is hard work. I knew that going in, but I’m more tired now than I expected to be. There has been so much to do packing and moving and unpacking and shopping and decorating. I’m relieved that it’s almost done and I can come home to an apartment that is close to work (or stop by and visit with friends that conveniently live between the two) and just relax. My bed is scheduled to arrive tomorrow and the internet will be installed Thursday, so I am really excited to have everything all set and ready to call home. I’m happy with my new place in Salt Lake City, and with a fresh coat of paint it should feel comfortable and look great.

My new job is also panning out nicely and I am having a lot of fun delving into work that is more focused on in-house marketing for a company that is healthy and growing and has great potential with a little bit of work and expertise. I also have time to really focus on the SEO work that needs to be done now which is something I enjoy studying and reading up on all of the latest trends.

I’ll have to take some photos of the new apartment soon and share them once all the cardboard boxes are emptied and put away. I’ll turn in for the night with the thought, “If it is still in your mind, it is worth taking the risk.”

– Mike Nay

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A Few Updates

It’s the end of January, one full month of the year gone by, and also known as moving day. I’m pretty excited to be making the move and even more excited to get to decorate the apartment in Salt Lake City. It may be small, but it will be cozy!

I have also finished my first week at my new job and I am excited at the prospects of it. It is a lot of work at first, between getting familiarized with all my roles, learning the software, and cleaning up past messes, but I enjoy the work environment and the job so far. Plus, as an added benefit, I have discovered that the office is just down the street from a park and a library, so many a lunch hours will be spent reading outside under a tree.

The purpose of this post though is to announce my excitement that I was just granted Yelp Elite status for 2015! This is the first of hopefully many goals to be accomplished this year.

I should probably finish up that last minute packing now.

– Mike Nay

PS, Go Seahawks, beat the Patriots.

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One More Question – PK Movie Review

In order to relax and celebrate a bit between jobs this weekend, I decided to finally treat myself to watching the latest movie from Rajkumar Hirani, one of my favorite directors. His latest hit PK was released in December and has quickly become the highest grossing Bollywood film in history. This number will continue to rise as it was just announced that India and China are negotiating in Beijing and expected to sign an agreement to release PK to Chinese theaters. A limited number of foreign films are allowed by the Chinese government each year, and it is rare for a Bollywood movie to be released.

After finishing the film, it is easy to see why the film has had such success. This is one of my favorite movies of the year, and Aamir Khan gives us an incredible performance in the title role. From laughs to tears, this film questions religion and explores the meaning of love in a distinctly Hirani style. For the first 15 minutes it may appear as just another typical cheesy Bollywood love story, but it evolves into so much more. Plus, once you buy the movie on dvd (you will want to), you’ll be dancing along to all of the well-integrated and excellent dance numbers.

I give PK 9/10 and would definitely put it on my recommended watch list.

-Mike Nay



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