About the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation



The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation is a need based scholarship program that I was incredibly fortunate to have heard about during a summer program in the seventh grade. Being selected as a Jack Kent Cooke Young Scholar during my 8th grade year was one of the defining moments in my life. It allowed me to attend an elite boarding high school, spend 4 years at an amazing university, and most importantly, the foundation introduced me to hundreds of people that have supported and inspired me to think big, work hard, and achieve.

Mr. Jack Kent Cooke donated the bulk of his fortune he accumulated over his lifetime to establish this foundation, his legacy. I am proud to be a part of that legacy. Mr. Cooke’s advice to young people remains the driving force behind the Foundation’s mission today: “Destiny demands you do better than your supposed best.” I strive to live up to this creed each and every day.

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation currently has several scholarships it offers to hundreds of students each year. There are currently programs for young scholars, college scholars, and undergraduate transfer scholars.

If you know of any motivated individuals with significant financial need, whether in the 7th grade or community college, I encourage you to tell them about the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation. It has changed my life and so many others.

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